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From the desk of the VP for Professional Development (November 2019) 

John Carter, VP of Professional Development

Friends, we recently hosted an excellent learning event as a webinar.

Dr. Jeff Beine led us through the amazing technology developments in the augmented reality field. The level of sophistication is so high that this technology is being used by first responders to train for emergency situations while retailers like Walmart use it to train their managers to handle the press of Black Friday (not sure which is more stressful: fighting fires or dealing with shoppers on Black Friday!)

The recording is available on the members only section of the GCATD website; just one example of the benefits of membership.

Thank you to Professional Development Committee member Rochelle Thompson for organizing this learning event and making sure that it went smoothly. There is much work by our volunteer committee members that happens behind the scenes to make these events happen.

On November 13, Glenn Sharp of Sharp Leadership Development, one of the annual conference sponsors, led a morning learning session on Leading Through Creativity & Influence at the Doubletree Suites in Blue Ash.

It was a well-attended session where Glenn led us through a creative exercise of creating our own shield or personal crest where we had to reflect on several different areas of our personal and professional lives.

Glenn also led us through an influence scenario where we had the opportunity to learn from his experience as a leader and create a strategy for approaching a supervisor who is not providing needed support for a project. It’s a scenario I’m sure we can all understand!

Thanks to Committee member Sue Schindler for helping to greet our guests, making them feel welcome, and taking lots of great pics!

Our final learning event for the year is a webinar on December 3 at noon led by Kari Kelly on Redefining Leadership: Managing the System Not the People. Kari will lead us through an interactive webinar on Agile HR where you will learn what characterizes the agile mindset and how traditional HR practices can be transformed when working with Agile values.

Our next quarter of learning events is already planned.

Come join our own chapter member Marvin DeJean, Sr. Managing Partner/ Organizational Design Strategist of Gilead Sanders, to explore how to do innovation and cultivate design thinking in the Learning and Development space. How can we do innovation in teams? What’s the role of brainstorming? How do we cull data in a prototype project to innovate for success?

Join us on January 9 at 7:30 am for a full breakfast and networking and then an interactive hour of learning!

Gamification is next on the agenda. Mark your calendar! We’ll have an introductory webinar on the topic at noon on February 19.

Sententia Gamification, a trusted ATD partner, will lead a state-wide chapter workshop on Wednesday March 18 in Columbus. This is a collaborative effort of all five Ohio chapters of the ATD.

Details for both events forthcoming.

We on the Professional Development Committee aim to be responsive to the interests of the chapter membership. If you have any comments about the Professional Development Committee or would like to volunteer, please reach out to me:

Best wishes,

John Carter

John Carter

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