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Member Spotlight - Bill Jamison

Featuring our GCATD VP of Membership, Bill Jamison. Bill works for the Health Carousel, where the focus is on staffing healthcare professionals in areas across the country to meet patient demand. In support of this, he builds learning strategy and content for sales and revenue organizations.

Q: Introduce yourself to our members. What is your role and what you are currently focused on?

Hello! My name is Bill Jamison and I’ve been a proud member of the Talent Development community for around 15 years now. I started originally as a training facilitator, but eventually branched into instructional design, eLearning development, curriculum design and even LMS architecture as my career progressed. Currently, I work for the Health Carousel, where we focus on staffing healthcare professionals in areas across the country to meet patient demand. In support of this, I build learning strategy and content for our sales and revenue organizations.

My role within the GCATD is the VP of Membership, where I’m focused on growing, knowing, and showing value to all our members. Whether you are a new member or have been with us since the beginning, my goal is to make sure that we have a diverse and robust community of practice that can offer you insights and best practices in support of the work you do. 

Q: Why are you a GCATD member?

The GCATD helped me grow at multiple stages of my career. Whether it was at a Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting, a networking event, or a conference- nearly all the milestones of my career I can trace back in some way to something I learned or someone I met through the GCATD.

Q: What made you decide to become a Chapter volunteer?

This might sound corny, but the GCATD has given me much over the years in the form of professional development and networking. The unique insights and perspective of members really helped to shape who I am as a talent development professional. After all it’s given me, I wanted to do my part and give something back in return to help not only those that are active in the field today, but to also help shape the next generation of TD professionals.

Q: What is one of your most memorable career accomplishments?

When I got my start as an L&D professional, I was in charge of facilitating my company’s new hire orientation for sales. It was a grueling, complex 3-week program that would wear me (and the new hires) completely out, and I remember there was one student that really struggled with the material. To help him get in extra time/practice, I offered up “tutoring” sessions for him before and after each day’s training, and with that extra support he ended up passing the course.

About 6 months later, he hunted me up after a company meeting and shared with me the impact those tutoring sessions had on him. He had felt like just giving up and that if I hadn’t stepped in, he would have mistakenly thrown away the best job he’s ever had. He went on to be an incredibly successful salesperson, manager, and even director for the company.

In the end I really don’t think I did anything all that special, but that little bit of extra time spent made an absolute difference in his life personally and professionally. I’ll never forget the impact that had on him… or his words and affirmation had on me.

Q: What led you to where you are today in your career?

The help and coaching I’ve gotten from managers, mentors, and other leaders along the way. I’ve always gotten energy out of helping people and teaching them new things, and their guidance helped to give my efforts the focus it needed to harness that passion into a career.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your work?

This will also sound kind of corny, but it’s that moment when you recognize that a learner “gets it”. My personal mission statement has always been “to help people become the best version of their professional self”. So, maybe they scored really well on an assessment, or you observe their performance behavior change, or maybe you even see the proverbial “light bulb” go off in the moment – whatever the case is, witnessing that and knowing I helped to make an impact in someone’s understanding is what drives me forward.

Q: What is the best career advice you ever received?

I was fretting one day about the difficulty I was experiencing trying to get a long-term training program built, and my boss at the time asked me a question I’ll never forget:

Boss - “How do you eat an elephant?”
Me - “I don’t know. How?”
Boss - “One bite at a time.”

I know it sounds stupid (and it is), but I did give me the perspective that I needed to march forward. I still think about that whenever I get overwhelmed by the volume of steps/tasks on a project.

Q: What is one piece of advice you’d offer working moms?

I’m the proud son of a single mom who worked (and continues to work) full time while I was growing up. So, since I’m not a working mom, I decided to ask her to answer this question for me:

“Find a work/life balance when you can. You are not just a working professional, nor are you just a mother. Give yourself permission to be both. Set boundaries at work to make sure you’re present for school, sports, or other life events for your family. It works the same in reverse too. Set expectations with spouses and kids that dinner might just need to be McDonalds drive thru at times so that you can pivot your attention to business needs that help advance your career.” – Katherine Jamison, NP

Q: What interests you outside of work?

I’m a family man first and foremost, so really my interests are whatever my kids are into. I just want to share time with them doing the things that they enjoy. Also, because I have 3 kids, that usually means something around my house is broken and I need to spend time fixing/rebuilding/painting it. Beyond that I’m a bit of a man-child and will spend time watching a ballgame (go Reds!), playing video games, or messing around with cars.

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