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Volunteer Spotlight - Beth Robinson

Featuring the 2018 Fall Conference Chair, Beth Robinson. A member since 2011, she started volunteering for the chapter in the role of co-convener of the Learning Leaders SIG. She says volunteering has paid back much more than she has given by allowing her to focus on her own development as a leader, by practicing doing it.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself

I was born and raised in Northwestern Ohio, growing up on a 12-acre property in the country with three brothers, 2 dogs and more cats than we could sometimes count. I have always been drawn to the arts, particularly enjoying the theatre. In my high school and college days my goal was to become a high school speech and theatre teacher, but I instead, found myself on a business management track after graduating. I made the decision with my husband, who I had met while attending Miami University, to settle in the Cincinnati area and raise our family here and have been working here and loving it ever since.

Q: Share details about your role with Hixson

I joined Hixson 24 years ago as their first Continuous Improvement Coordinator. I am now the Director of C/I, Director of Hixson University and a Vice President of the firm. In these roles I spend my days facilitating our annual strategic planning process with the Officers and the improvement teams it spawns, tracking our corporate performance metrics, and managing our staff development systems, including Hixson University where I am also an instructor on a regular basis.

Q: What is it you enjoy most about being in a learning role

What I enjoy most are the regular opportunities to make a real difference for people. One of our goals is to provide a resource-rich environment for our people to thrive in their careers. As I see people starting to take advantage of those opportunities . . . that’s when I get excited.

Q: Where is your ultimate vacation destination

I have dreams of touring Europe, which I’ve only had one opportunity to visit on a 4-day whirlwind trip to Switzerland back in the 1980’s. I really want to get back and see more of that part of the world.

Q: Tell me about your involvement with GCATD

I have been a member of the chapter since 2011 and after attending a few events became involved as a co-leader of the Learning Leaders SIG which I did for three years. At that point I was relatively new in my Staff Development role so I was looking to accelerate my knowledge in the field and this provided a great opportunity for that. This past year, I volunteered to Chair the fall conference, which also put me on the Chapter Board and I have participated as a member of the Executive Advisory Board as well.

Q: What advice would you give to others interested in volunteering?

Do it!!! In my experience, volunteering has paid back much more than I have given. It’s allowed me to focus on my own development as a leader, by practicing doing it; it greatly expanded my network of L&D professionals which I have tapped into many times for advice and have developed many friendships among; and it has allowed me to share my talents from time to time giving me a great sense of personal satisfaction. If you are looking for a great organization to affiliate with and contribute your talents to, you couldn’t do better as an L&D professional than GCATD!

Q: What do you like to do for fun?

For fun I like to make things with my hands, like experimenting with new recipes and cooking techniques, baking, sewing and cross-stitching. I like the process of creating and find it very relaxing.

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